City Vision Internship Program

Streamside is an intern training site for TechMission's City Vision College Internship Program


City Vision Internships is intended to be a Christian Counterpart to AmeriCorps & Peace Corps where interns spend one year (or more) serving in Christian ministries. Interns may get some combination of training, free tuition, housing and/or a stipend. Streamside is seeking a City Vision Intern to implement a retreat marketing plan.


  • Free tuition in City Vision College for a full year of college paid by Streamside as a part of a 29 hour/week internship.
  • Online courses providing accredited degrees in Nonprofit Management, Addiction Studies, and Urban Missions.
  • Housing and Food is provided by Streamside. 
  • Any Pell grant or other federal financial aid paid as cash payment to student (up to $5,730).
  • Summer Internships (June - August) are available at Streamside

Visit to learn more about internships through City Vision College.

Please contact us at (570) 629-1902 or for more information about serving at Streamside under the City Vision Internship. If you are new to Streamside you will need to complete our Pre-Employment Staff Application.

Click Here to Complete our Pre-Employment Staff Application