Streamside Camp Leadership Development Programs

Are you interested in serving at Streamside Camp, but don’t feel confident in your abilities? Or, maybe you just don’t meet the age requirement for summer staff? Streamside has designed two programs with you in mind!

Streamside’s Service & Leadership Training (SLT) is designed for young people who want to mature in the Christian faith and have a desire to serve God and others.

Streamside’s Counselor In Training (CIT) is the next step for young adults to serve alongside an experienced cabin counselor and develop their leadership skills and put their Christian walk into practice.

Both programs run during our regular summer camp season, starting mid-June until the end of July. Over the course of the program, participants will recognize and develop abilities and skills through hands-on training and mentoring by our dedicated and loving SLT/CIT leaders. The close community and rigorous schedule will challenge participants to their fullest potential. Servant leadership training combined with a proper understanding of their relationship with God, will better equip them for effective Christian service not only at camp, but in all areas of life for years to come.

Program goals and objectives

  • Develop character, identity and discipline 
  • Increase Biblical understanding and knowledge of God
  • Establish a consistent personal devotional life
  • Cultivate stronger peer relationships
  • Develop a good work ethic that honors God
  • Teach proper corrective action when working with difficult children
  • Give opportunity, with training, to instruct campers in activity areas and Bible lessons
  • Prepare and train for adult service roles at Streamside or elsewhere

Adults seeking to continue in leadership training or gain experience in camp ministry might be interested in College@Camp, City Vision or an Internship.

“I learned so much and didn’t realize it until I left … I plan to use what I learned and teach my friends more about the Word of God … My counselor pretty much changed the way I think, speak and act. In a way, he changed my life …”

SLT Participant