CIT Program Overview

CITs serve in cabins along side of experienced adult counselors and participate in all camp activities and staff outings. Although CIT staff responsibilities are similar to that of cabin counselors, CITs do not have all of the same roles in camper discipline and supervision.

Each CIT staff member will receive the following benefits:

  • Compensation for service (must have working papers)
  • Invaluable pre-camp staff training
  • Participation in staff outings
  • Meals and housing on camp throughout the camp season

To qualify for a position in the CIT program, you must …

  • Be a Christian with a consistent godly lifestyle
  • Be 16-17 years old (some exceptions may be made for older applicants)
  • Have successfully completed the SLT program or have had sufficient training in areas of ministry or a strong recommendation from a ministry leader
  • Complete the Streamside Pre-Employment Staff/Volunteer Application process
  • Attend Pre-Camp Staff Training

All first year CIT candidates must complete the First Timer Pre-Employment Staff/Volunteer application. Former SLTs are not considered returning staff. This is a very competitive selection process, so apply on time and if not selected the first year, please apply again.

Click Here to Complete our Pre-Employment Staff Application

“Camp taught me how to have fun while serving God”

CIT Participant