Supervision Standards

All groups high school age and younger MUST have at least one responsible counselor for each cabin group. This is a MINIMUM standard and in most situations, it is probably advisable to have more staff. Adult groups are expected to have responsible leadership within their groups so that the standards and purposes of Streamside are upheld. Each group is responsible for any breakage or damage other than that which is considered normal wear and tear of the facilities.

Group Living Standards

In order to maintain both a Christian testimony in our community and to accomplish the purpose adopted, guests are requested to adhere to the following:

  1. The highest standards of moral conduct are to be maintained.

  2. Guests are to be in their cabins from midnight until 6:00 a.m. with the noise level at a minimum inside and outside.

  3. Alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, firearms, or gambling are not permitted on the grounds.

  4. Streamside is a smoke-free facility. (If smoking is a challenge, please see the camp retreat host.)

  5. It is requested that radios and other audio equipment NOT be brought to camp unless their use is directly related to the program of the sponsoring group.

  6. Men are not permitted in the assigned women’s areas and women are not permitted in the assigned men’s areas.

Feel free to contact the Streamside Director with any questions regarding any of these standards. It is the responsibility of group leaders to make sure that all guests understand these standards and abide by them.

“We always feel welcomed at if we were family.”

Leroy Samuels, group leader for Summer Haven Bible Camp